Pictures of veterans with the American flag in front

Why does America celebrate Veterans Day? Veterans Day started just to reflect the ones who served. In 1954, we changed it from Armistice Day to Veterans Day, to account for all the veterans who have served. We honor the American Veterans who serve to respect their love, honor and sacrifice to this country.  Veterans Day is also known to be a federal holiday.  Janet Humphrey, a community leader, thinks Veterans Day is important because it honors our veterans and a lot of them have lost their lives and a lot have experienced bad times. Do the veterans enjoy coming to the Veterans Day program? Janet has gotten a lot of feedback saying that they like the program and are always looking forward to it each year. Does it help the veterans out to come to the program Janet Humphrey said “ yes” and her example was “when the service men during Vietnam War came home they were treated badly but they have been able to heal their wounds through Veterans Day being able to express how they felt. How can you pay your respects to the veterans? One of the things you can do is just a simple “thank you for your service” and shake their hand. There will be an event during school. It starts at around 11:20 for lunch in the old gym, then we go to the high school gym at 12:30 to start the program and the theme this year is WW2. There are usually around 30 veterans that show up to the program. To all the veterans reading this, thank you for your service.