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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday this week to: 11/28 Kali Ott 11/29 Marshall Humphrey 11/30 Emma Boyd, Kaiden Harmon, Dana Jurgens, & Denton Sell 12/3 Macie Antle

Elementary Student of the Week Danika Lesonik

Elementary Student of the Week is Danika Lesonik. "She is kind to all of her classmates and is a real leader in the elementary school. She is polite and fun to be around. She has done a great job in school this year." Ashley McCarter

- Dylan Voichahoske

High School Student of the Week Kaitlyn Wilson

High School Student of the Week is Kaitlyn Wilson. "She has a wonderful attitude and works hard at everything so does in school and extraCurriculars. She is kind and supportive and is always willing to lend a hand. " Ashley McCarter

- Dylan Voichahoske

Santa eating cookies

The Village of Giltner invites you to come see Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus on December 11, 2021 at the Giltner Community Center from 11am to 1pm. Children can visit with Santa, receive a treat, & eat pancakes. While the children visit Santa, there will be Craft Vendors to help make Christmas memories.

- Dylan Voichahoske