Giltner firetruck

Learning fire safety is something that we all should have done, as it is very dangerous to you and others if you don’t know the right way to react when a fire happens nearby. Brad Consbruck, the volunteer fire chief for the Giltner Fire Department, answered some questions for this news article. He says that it’s important for the fire department to come to the school to teach kids about fire safety because he wants them to know what to do in a situation that involves a fire, and for them to not panic. The most important thing that he wants the kids at our school to know is that the fire department is here to help, and that they shouldn’t be scared to call the fire department, even if it’s for something other than a fire, like a motor vehicle accident, a medical emergency, a gas leak, or a stand by. He loves it when he hears about children practicing fire safety at home, because he knows that he taught them something important. When the fire department comes to the school, they show the kids a short fire safety video, they do hands on training such as an obstacle course, they ask the kids questions, they let the kids try on their bunker gear, and take them outside to shoot water out of the fire hose and explain to the kids what all of the equipment is for and what it does. As of 2021, they have 18 volunteers for the fire department, 4 of them are trained EMTs, and one is a paramedic. The volunteers at the fire department have to spend a lot of their free time towards being a volunteer. For the rescue unit, there are EMRs (Emergency Medical Responder), EMTs ( Emergency Medical Technicians), AEMT (Advanced EMT), and paramedic. EMR is the most basic class and it consists of around 80 hours classroom time in about 3-4 months and the highest class, the paramedic, consists of around 2 years of schooling with over 1,000 hours of clinical time. EMT’s class consists of around 120 classroom hours and 10 hours of ambulance ride time which takes about 6 months to complete. For each license, you have to accumulate more education hours between license renewals every two years or you lose your license. The firefighters go through a lot of training each year also. They train to be proficient in every aspect of what the fire department may respond to so they can be better prepared for any situation. They train on the last Monday of every month for 2 hours. This shows the tremendous amount of work that the rescue unit and firefighters go through just to help out our town. We would like to thank the firefighters and everyone that volunteers at the fire department. Even though it's not a paid position, you stepped up, and helped out the town of Giltner. We cannot be more thankful for what you have provided us.