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November 21, Tuesday, the One Act will do a community performance at 7:30 p.m.

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November 22, Wednesday, a 1:30 p.m. early out, No School November 23 & 24. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Junior Class Money Maker

Christmas is Coming! Support the Junior Class by buying online the Brand Names that you already get. Go to  www.flipgive.com/c/105365                      

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Believers and Achievers

Alexa Preissler and Alexander Goracke are honored as our local 2017-2018 nominees for the Believers & Achievers award.  Each high school in Nebraska that is an NSAA member nominates two students that best exemplify Scholastic Achievement, NSAA Activity/Athletic Participation, School and Community Service, & Citizenship. Almost 200 schools nominate their 2 local winners and out of those, 48 are chosen for the Believers and Achievers award.  All nominees are outstanding leaders in their communities and should be recognized. Giltner School is certainly proud of ours! 

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Veteran's Day

    Giltner Veteran’s Day     To Watch Click link below   https://www.facebook.com/ GHSHornets/videos/ 1124148641049916/ Veteran Student Brian Miller Beau Craig Myron Omel Colton Craig Thad Nelson Hannah Farrall Darrell Hosier Emma Fritz Thomas Goodwater Alexander Goracke Matt Greathouse Taylor Greathouse Rodale Emken Brodi Hansen . . .

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Our School

What Makes Giltner Great!!! Click below to watch a video of our school. Thanks to the Giltner Senior Class of 2017  under the direction of Mr. Matt Drew for making this video. 

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