Orientation on a School Board

The 7th grade Orientation has been moved from August 5th to August 9th at 3 p.m.. We will have them here an hour before the back-to-school night. We will tour each of the classrooms and introduce them to the teachers.


2:45 meet with 8th graders to discuss roles and agenda

2:45-3: 7th grade Check-in


  • Introductions: Mrs. McCarter, Mr. Pietrzak and 8th graders (name, grade, activities involved in)

  • School calendar/periods/bell schedule/passing time/lunch time/dismissal times 

  • Student Ethics

  • Library

  • Attendance

  • Academic Eligibility 

  • Cell phones/water bottles/gum/snacks

  • School dress code 

  • Computer rules

  • School lockers (academic and gym)

  • Extracurricular activity opportunities (sports, stuco, etc.) 


  • Schedules/PE lockers/classroom tours (discuss what students will learn in each class) 

  • Tour- Students will start together in 1st period and follow student schedule and take students to respective classrooms.  In classroom give the teachers give an overview of what the class is about and what they will be doing, help them to get excited about the class! 


  • Upperclassmen discussion panel-must knows about being in Junior High

  • Questions

4 p.m. dismissal