Kylon Talking to Eathan Ballard

Play production can benefit a student in many ways. With them being able to show the creativity on stage and being accountable for learning their parts and roles, it is very beneficial for students to go out for one-act. This year the play we are doing this year is called “If Girls asked Boys for dates' ' and in this play the whole dating problem is reversed and some of the examples are like let the girls open the door for boys or let the girls pull the chair out for the boys. This year our one -act director is Mrs Sierra Eastman and she said “I knew coming into my new position that it was going to be a change moving from the older students to the younger age students and I wanted to find a way to have the best of both worlds.  I was active in many things when I was a Hornet, one being the play, and when I was approached about taking this on I knew I had to.  This combines my love of one-act with the want to interact with older students and has been a great experience.” She said she is also very excited and that she loves to watch the kids learn their lines and put it all together, and being able to watch their personality shine through it is the best feeling for a coach.  Another question I asked her was why should people go out for one-act, she said that there is so many different activities at GPS and one-act is one of them and she believes that one-act can build confidence, public speaking skills, dedication, and memorization skills and it can also be a great creative outlet to show some of their secret personality. The last question I asked Mrs. Eastman was, ``Do you think you can rebuild the program?” and she said “The one-act program had some setbacks last year causing them to not perform their play.  This has affected our numbers, our experience and our age.  I have one junior out for One-Act, who has never been out before, and the rest of my team is sophomores.  We took a cautious approach since we had very little experience trying out.  This year we went with a small production with only six actors and we are hoping to build upon this for next year.  I think with the dedication that my actors and backstage members have shown me that we will work together to do our best and build great things for next season.”  The events that are happening for one-act are conference November 17th, the showtime is 11am at Shickley, community night November 30th showtime is 7pm in the Giltner gym, and district, December 2nd, showtime tba at Elba.