New concession stand provided by the Giltner Booster Club

The Giltner Booster Club is a very important organization for our school. They help raise money so that our school can have the proper equipment and resources so that our success is possible. It was brought back in the early 2000s by Jody Ashby and Matt Hinrichs, who thought it was important to get certain activities back into the school system, such as Parents’ Night, Winter Ball, and many others. Currently, there are 3 people that run the Giltner Booster Club, which are Keli Bauer (President), Mandy Eastman (Secretary and acting Vice President), and Sierra Eastman (Treasurer). The students can interact with the Booster Club by working at the concession stands so they can raise funds for their class/group. The Booster Club also participates in many activities throughout the year, such as Bingo for Books, athletic tournaments, and the Winter Ball. They have also provided the school with items such as a vending machine, pieces of equipment in the weight room, new pads on the gym walls, a new concession stand in the school, and they have provided funds for the Music Department this year. The Booster Club is always willing to help any coach or teacher if they ask. Parents of all students that go to Giltner Public School are automatically a member of the Booster Club. They are always welcome to attend meetings and provide suggestions on how to help out with events and activities. The next Booster Club meeting is Sunday, November 21 at 4:30 pm.