Being named a national holiday in 1863, Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that brings families together to talk and hang out. Starting in 1621 the pilgrims first corn harvest proved successful so Governor William Bradford wanted to share a feast which included deer, wildfowl, bounty of cod and bass, corn bread and porridge with their Native American allies, becoming the first Thanksgiving. It would be 1623 when the Pilgrims held their second Thanksgiving celebration to bring joy at the end of a long drought. Years later in 1789 George Washington issued the first Thanksgiving proclamation. Then in 1817 New York became the first state to have Thanksgiving as an annual Holiday. In 1827 the author of “Mary had a Little Lamb” nursery rhyme Sarah Josepha Hale launched a petition to have Thanksgiving become a national holiday. Then in the midst of the civil war in 1863, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day held each November. (History.com Thanksgiving) Nowadays many people have traditions and do multiple things to celebrate Thanksgiving. When I asked a student at Giltner High School they said “Thanksgiving means getting together with my family and having great food.  Usually at my family Thanksgiving we eat supper and then board games or cards.  A Thanksgiving tradition my family does is we always draw names for Christmas and whoever we get we have to buy presents for them.  My favorite meal is turkey with cheesy mashed potatoes.  I give thanks to my mom because she is the person I always go to, to talk about certain things.” - Reagen Thompson. When I asked a teacher at Giltner high school they said “Thanksgiving to me is all about spending time with your loved ones, and enjoying the company with those that you don’t always see. Usually, a Thanksgiving in Mr. Patsios household is watching football, eating as much food as possible, then playing card games or a mini football game in the backyard. A Thanksgiving tradition for me would be that we always have a football game between the cousins and uncles because they think they can beat us! My favorite meal during Thanksgiving is ham (turkey is too dry, mashed potatoes), cheesy macaroni and corn, and dinner rolls. I give thanks to a lot of people in my life but especially my mom and dad who are always there for me, and are my biggest supporters no matter what.”-Mr. Patsios. Some events we do in schools are we play games about Thanksgiving, we talk or look over facts about Thanksgiving and we have a Thanksgiving lunch. Traditions on Thanksgiving can be different but not by much or not even by teens or adults. Most of them eat, play games and in general hang out with family which in my opinion the greatest part about Thanksgiving is that you get to spend time with your loved ones. Giltner Public School Thanksgiving break is November 24-28 Enjoy !!