Band Photo

Band is a great way for students to learn different things throughout their school career, if that is becoming the rock star they’ve always wanted to be when they were young or if they just want to have fun and do an activity at their school, band is a great way to do all these things. Whilst it is fun, the band is also a great place for students to learn teamwork skills and rhythm. Also with many competitions to show the hard work the students have put into learning and mastering their instruments, they also learn what other schools do for their band at the competitions they participate in, such as what music they play. With our whole band competing in solo or full competitions that usually get excellent or superior ratings. They also participate in the Harvest of Harmony, with our band queen candidate this year being Jaida Eastman. Band also does fundraisers to raise money so they can go on trips. The band students put hard work into these fundraisers to be able to go on trips and they go on band trips usually every 6 years,  but the last two summers they were not able to go due to covid.  This year they are hoping that’s not the case, they are wanting to go to Branson for fun and performance opportunities. Band is a unique class because it functions as a regular class with regular class times but it also goes as an extracurricular activity with early morning practices, practices during the weekends, and  playing at every home varsity game for every sport of boys and girls games. On top of this they also do events they also march at festivals such as the Yorkfest Parade, and the Doniphan Fall Festival Parade.