Parent-teacher conference

  Parent-teacher conferences are a great time to open the lines of communication. The reason we do parent-teacher conferences is to share the academic progress that has been made in the classroom. It is also a great way for parents and teachers to communicate just in case they were confused on any of the tests from either the MAPS testing or the ACT. It may also help the teachers gather information about the student which may help get to the root cause of concerns by the teacher.  If there is ever an upset parent, teachers are advised to make sure they stay on topic about the child and to try to show ways on how the student has been positive then to try to discuss ways to improve the student situation. But if there is a very upset parent then the administrator will be brought over to try to discuss ways that would help the situation.  Other ways you can communicate with parents are via email, phone call, zoom meeting, or the parent can request a one on one conversation with the teacher and administration. If any parents are afraid of covid they are allowed to set up a zoom meeting or have a phone call. We have two parent-teacher conferences, one that happened September 29 and one upcoming February 16.