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Developed in the early 1900’s and being the largest career student organization in the country with the colors blue and gold, FBLA is an American career and technical student organization. FBLA helps high school members prepare for different jobs through competitions, leadership development, and education programs but it’s also the largest student organization in the world. Each year, FBLA helps over 230,000 members prepare for careers in business whilst inspiring students to become great community-minded business leaders. There are many benefits to becoming an FBLA member such as: leadership skills, career skills, social skills, and motivation to do more. Also some students may join to be involved in school activities, and to make it look good on their college resume. Right now Giltner FBLA is currently standing at 13 members.

Officers- Philip Kreutz, President: Kale Bish, Vice President: Hailey Eastman, Secretary: Logan McKay, Treasurer: Cooper Reason, Parliamentarian: Marshall Humphrey, Reporter: Other Members: Ethan Ballard, Jesus L. Martinez Calderon, Sophie Faltys, Alyssa Fastnacht, Kylon Jurgens, Gage Kucera, and Jax Wiesen.