old state volleyball champions

On Thursday, September 23, Giltner is hosting ‘legacy night’.  You may be wondering why we are celebrating the volleyball legacy. One of the reasons we are celebrating the legacy is because it is the 50th Anniversary of the NSAA state volleyball championships. Another reason we celebrate the legacy is to look back on all the old championships and celebrate them once again and to hopefully try to inspire the future generation players that can hopefully do it once more.  As I went around our school I found a few teachers that are still here that have won one of the state championships and so I asked them “What did it mean to them to win a state championship?” Mrs. Wendy (Hinrichs) Findley, our English teacher who had won state for the first time in 1983 said “It was sincerely one of the happiest days of my life. I know that sounds crazy to say that at my age but we had worked so hard for so long and it was incredible to see that dream come true. With the boys winning the state championship in football right after ours it was such a cool time to be a hornet.” Another teacher I asked was Mrs. Karissa (Consbruck) Bish, which won state in 1998, and she said that they did it to accomplish a goal because of the loss from the year before. Giltner has brought home gold the following years:

  • 1984  class D1

  • 1994  class D2

  • 1998  class D2

  • 2008  class D1

  • 2013  class D2

  • 2014  class D2

Don’t forget Sept 23 would love to have you as a guest as we play Nebraska Lutheran, JV game at 6:00 varsity at 7:00.